Asbestos Identification Inspections

Asbestos is highly toxic, causing a range of lung diseases that are slow to develop but in many cases deadly. Mining companies and other industries that used asbestos are now being sued by affected workers and a new wave of cases may be looming among home renovators.

It wasn’t until the mid-1970’s that the wider public was alerted to the dangers of asbestos. Gradually asbestos mining was phased out, and industries replaced asbestos with alternative products like fibreglass.

About one third of homes built in the period between 1945 and 1980 used asbestos-containing products in walls, ceilings, eaves, kitchens, bathrooms, and in vinyl floor tiles, and in sheds and garages.

Our inspections are purely visual (no invasive works carried out) and limited to those areas and sections of the property that is fully accessible and visual on the date of the property Inspected.

Our reports do not make comment on areas that may be concealed. These reports are purely to identify only any Asbestos findings. We do not comment on any areas out of our expertise but we can offer advice on the safe and best practices for the removal of asbestos from the nominated property.

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