Mould Identification Inspections

Mould Spores: Moulds are a type of fungus and they spread by releasing millions of tiny spores into the air. They need moisture to grow and are usually found in damp, poorly ventilated areas of homes, such as bathrooms. You cannot see the spores but you may be able to see moulds, grey, green or black in colour, growing on damp surfaces.

Mould spores are a source of indoor air pollution and mould spores can produce allergic reactions in sensitive people similar to hay fever. People who experience allergic reaction to mould spores are also more likely to suffer from asthma.

Mould spores can be reduced by improving ventilation in the home, and by limiting sources of moisture and condensation. There are many types of mould, but none of them will grow without a source of moisture.

We carry out a purely visual inspection only to identify and document the areas of mould growth and offer advice on removal of the mould spores found. Our reports are llimited to the areas and sections of the property that is fully accessible and visual on the day of the property Inspected.

Our reports do not make comment on areas that may be concealed. Our reports are to identify only any Mould findings and we do not comment on any areas out of our expertise.

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