Swimming Pool and Pool Safety Inspections

LEGISLATION: The Swimming Pools (Amendment) Act 2012:  NSW Swimming Pools Register available for use by 29 April 2013 and NSW Swimming pools to be registered by owners by 29 October 2013

Pool owners require a compliance certificate before sale or lease of their property commencing from 29 April 2014

The purpose of this inspection is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser or any other interested party regarding the visual condition, appearance, associated areas, filter operation and safety concepts and operation of the Swimming Pool barrier/fencing/gates and its associated areas at the time and date of the inspection.

Our inspections are purely visual and our reports do not comment on the swimming pools water quality as we do not carry out water quality tests and we do not assess the Structural Integrity of the swimming pool unit.

The Pool Fence Safety Certificates can be issued following our inspection which is valid for 12 months only. We recommend as best practice for our Pool Inspector to contact our clients on an annual basis to re-issue the Safety Certificate when expired and to Certify Safety.

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